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margin cars made in the u.s.a. outpaced imports in terms of quality. but have the car companys' images improved? us automakers finally listened. consumers seem to be shifting their views about buying american. "cadillacs are awesome. i mean my next car is a cadillac. reporter: and you are driving what right now? a lexus. this is a great car for as long as i have had it don't get me wrong, but cadillac is putting out a great car right now. and, yeah, i will go back to buying american." "we now have people thinking i want to buy american." david koehler, marketing professor at the university of illinois at chicago believes american automakers are doing a better job of keying in on what consumers want. "i think that as for becoming more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, it's becoming better." "would you buy an american car? do you think the quality is getting better? i do, i do feel like the quality is getting better. especially now that taxpayers bailed them out. they were forced to." koehler agrees bailout money sparked u.s. automakers to improve quality. ford did not take the
, probably where we should end. ok, so let's turn to the government bonds market. we've seen the man a u.s. treasurys over the past several weeks clout. why do you think u.s. treasuries are so attractive, even at such low yields that they're seeing? as we are the one sovereign that still has the ability to print its own currency and tax quite heavily the world's largest economy. and that is the sole reason why investors are fleeing into treasurys particularly at the end of last week into the long end of the treasury curve. which has widened out the spread between the 30 and 10 year to highs we haven't seen since the crisis and it and do you think that demand in u.s. treasuries will continue? we know it probably will abate here. we have dividend discount model is telling you that stocks are actually cheat and you're living the government monday at under 3% for 10 years. and you can buy general electric or something of that nature with an abated upside option, it just doesn't begin to make sense. and as we move closer to 2011, interest rates are inevitably going to rise. and so, i think peop
>> a u.s. marine headed to afghanistan gunned down near baltimore's block. >> this is a heinous senseless3 murder of a hero. >> what he was doing minutes before he was shot. and how police are trying to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said
." suprisingly u.s. consumers are just starting to get a handle on mobile shopping. neilson reports in the end of the 4th quarter of 2009 21% of americans owned a smartphone to download apps. and despite the u.s. handle on technology, it's europe that is leading the way in mobile shopping. shares of european banks rallied on wednesday as criteria for the bank stress tests began leaking out. shares of royal bank of scotland and barclays were up almost 9% yesterday. market watchers predict that all the 100 banks being tested will pass because the hurdle is low. they say the test is meant to boost investor confidence, not expose weak banks. since the spring, many euro- banks have seen sharp a fall, because investors feared those banks could face a liquidity crunch in light of a huge sovereign debt loads. stress tests results are expected to be released sometime this month. president obama is making a campaign swing through las vegas today. he's lending support to senate majority leader harry reid who is running for re-election. and, he is also expected to talk about the economy. at the white hous
. then the u.s. and israel mend fences and focus on the growing threat to peace in the middle east. >> can you believe that a nuclear iran can be contained? >> chris: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the president tries out a new line of attack for november. we'll ask the panel if running against bush will work again, all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. with a lot of ground to cover, let's turn to our first guest, obama senior advisor david axelrod. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thanks, chris. good to be here. >> chris: let's start with the latest news. b.p. is replacing the containment cap on its run-away well. the company hopes to have it done monday, as you can see from the live spill cam. until then the oil is gushing up in the gulf. it also hopes, b.p., to -- it's working to finish the two relief wells. how confident are you that they will have this spill contained, stopped by the end of july? >> well, reasonably confident, but obviously this thing is unchart ed waters, no pun intended. o
teem. kristen berset ffr "sportt unlimited." >> he u.s. team will receive the medal during a ceremony auugst 11..3 now here is ennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> relief from the heat wave on the way. >> hard to breathe. >> who is suffering the most. and when the cold front will finally move through. >> swapping spice. unusuaa deal the obama administration is working oot with russii. >> demonstrating the danger. how pedeetrraas quickly become victims aad why it is such a big problem in baltimore. >> that's it. game over. >> and dead oysters in the gulf. is killing them. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is >> hello again, iiam jennifer gilbert, jeff barnd is offf3 tonight. another scorcher of a day in baltimore. the temperaturrs did not hit triple digits today.3 -ut with a boost in humidity, it felt awful outside. so far, eight people have died in maryllnd from this summer's extreme heat. ú%e latest ictim was pulled from baltimore home thii week, where the temperature was more than 90 degrees inside of the house. many people in balttmore are livi
.org's website. the doccments reveal abuses by u.s. and coalition forces and perhaps even war crimes. %-populations being upset thee should treat them better. not conceal abuse. >> senior military official is calling the documents a mix of rumor and second hand information. they detail a variety of assessments by lower level military officers about incidents over the last six years involving friendly fire, civilian casualties and officials from pakistan, a u.s. ally cooperating with taliban extremists. >> it was not necessary to have this out there. more than what we didn't already know. thhre is tension between the u.s. and pakistan. >> officials from the white house to the pentagon are could put lives at-risk. but ii a written statement general james jones said quote these irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing commitment to deepen our partnerships with afghanistan ann pakistan, to defeat our common enemies and to support the aspirations of the afghan and pakistani people. >> afghan government offfcials are studying the papers, especially about civilian casualties and paki
. >> it is really great day for me. you know, being a u.s. citizen. >> it means a lot to me today. great day of my life. >> almost 700,000 people become naturalized u.s. citizens each and every year in this country. >> you need to know tonight about a recall on the lacrosse gloves. logo on the gloves contains high levels of lead. they are the brine bip gloves made in vietnam and sold from july of last year until une of this yearr company is offering replacements or a refund. for more information on the recall, go to foxbaatimore.com/news links. >> google this. seems students trust internet search engines so much it almost does not matter what results come back. northwestern universsty doctors studied more than 100 freshmen, and found that most students clicked on the first seerch result, no matter what it was. some clicks on it because it was the first result. just 10 percent of the students talked about the credentials of the website, they went to. >> new research shows tonight comcast is the fastest internet service provider in the u.s. that's not saying too much. however when compared to other
turned around iraq takes command in afghanistan. will u.s. and nato forces change their war-fighting strategy? we'll have a report from the scene and talk to senator joe lieberman from afghanistan. also if not for the oil spill, this would be a money-making weekend all along the gulf coast, but, of course, it's not. we'll have an update on the spill and ask kenneth feinberg, the man in charge of the $20 billion b.p. compensation fund who will be paid, how much and when. plus, president obama slams republicans for blocking unemployment compensation, immigration and wall street reform. what is the g.o.p. response? we find out from south carolina senator jim demint. we'll ask the sunday group if a double-dip recession is in the future, what it could mean for the mid-term election and the president's agenda. all right now on the 4th of july edition of "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. as well celebrate our independence today, we are following two stories, the huge oil spill in the gulf, which is having a terrible impact on the region this holiday we
in the city and across the u.s. >>> viollnce? if baltimore how the police plans to stop it over the weekend turned out. >>> following the perception following the oil spill for bp. >>> good morning you're taking a live look there along sandy state point park, a road that headed home from the beech from3 ú%e fourth of july weekend. so far so good.3 there's ot too much folks many of them up watching the welcome to fox 45 early decision. if you are up early you are probably working like e are. ú%ny pagnotti is here with the details. happy 5th of july to you. >> we are gging to ceeebrate mother nature.3 big cook oot. we have weather headlines for you on the 5th of july, hot aad hot and hotter. it's triple digits code red in effect. take it easy. our normal high should be 85 degrees. we melt that f course, here we go, 77 at the inner harbor, dew poiit is at 50. other state temperatures will be pushing 80 degrees by thh 8:00 houu. no ain. we need the rain, could useeto cool off but get the green. we will top out at 100 by 6:00, 97 degrees, cooling ddwn to 97 of the a hot 1 in baltimore aggi
hospitals in the country. u.s. news and world report ranked the hospital innthe top five in 15 out of 16 categories. and this is the 20th year in a row hopkins has chieved top honors. >> well a und is set up to payú for the mmny surgeries a howard county teenaggr is undergoing. after being baaly hurt in a terrorist bomb blast in ggndan. emily kerstetter in ugandan with a mission group when the bomb went off. she had one surgery on er leg3 and will v at least, two more. if you would like to help, you can make checks payable to eeil3 columbia bank, he brc plaza office. luther vil, 21093. >> another heat waveehas begun. and chieffmeteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the ú%y watch forecast. here we go again vytas. >> temperatures will continue to climb through the day tomorrow. again. kicking off the weekeed. seeing the hot temperatures. and it s just in time for the weekend. if you have a pool. jump in and tryyto cool offf looksslike theetemperatures right now 84 degrees in baltimore. 82 in hagerstown. 75 in salissuryy cooler. but hot aar building in frrm the soutt. high t
disorders. thee come from starbucks, target and atms. >> boardwalk is named one of the 10 bess u.s. boardwalks by a popuuar travel website. the list was compiled by sherman's travel. a site focusing on trip ideas. the 2 and a half mile stretch is full of restaurants, shops, amuseeent, night life and hotel3 >> another hot day. great time to be at the beach. with weather like thii. chief meteorologist ytas reid is here to tell us what that weekend forecast is starting to look like. >> yeah, it looks good actually. you mentioned ocean city..3 %-decent weekend. but talk about what is happening right now. nice day out there today. plenty offsunshine. comfortable temperatures in the mid to upper 80s it looks like dry conditions right now on the radar. bbcause of high pressure, nearby. looking at 80 downtownú baltimore. 70s out lying areas. and ww will continne to see those temperatures inch up a bit tomorrow. starting at 75. some sun and clouds by the afternoon. 89 around lunch time. but see low 90ss more humidity back in play. and then also a chance of isolatee shower or thunnerstorm.
have conffrmed hat an earthquake hht maryland just after 5 this morning. -paccording to the u.s. geological urveyythe epicenter as in gaithersburg away s northern virginia quake.eport feeling tte one viewer sayy the hhking even knocked sodas off herr3 % kitchen table. >>> did you happen to capturr the earthquake n camera orrremnants of it? you can upload photos and video to our wreb sitee you can also end photos from your cell phone to picks pickk@fox baltimore.coo. >>> aamajor breakthrougg in -pthe gulffoil spill. underrater and or the first see there is no il flowingn from the leaa, bp officials saying about that fix and saying aboutwat it aal means fo. days certainly a sigh of5 relief this morning as that oii leak has been capped, -pbut sttll a lott f concern thhi morning about the damage that has already beee done toothh gulf coast and even beyooddassffr as berm's -pinnerharbor and tte chesapeake bay officiils pave been doing a numbee of tests rying to determmne were to come this far north. ptose are what ifs that could be put to rest f bp's tests on a containment
. ú%e difference between the 50 immigratton poliiies across thh u.s. >>> good morninn. welcome to fox 45 aaly editioo. you are ttking a live look therú at the oil spill in the guuf of -exico, still just gushhng out there continues to go and they are still trying to finddways to stop that, of course, and still just a devastating at that point. >>> welcome to fox 45 early edition. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off, it's friday, july second and because it's friday, it's %-face book page about anything3 you want to talk this morning. let us know what s your response, and your response to be aired on the face bookú segment. go to pacebook and becomeea fanú especially during a 3 day weekend that should be a beautiful one, meteorologist %-it's so much cooler. ú% i don't hink anyyody can complain about the weather on facebook. p> no, we want to hear ggod, good stuff. >>> we are going to have a ood dayy and the hot spannled banner. if you don't like the hht spot, it's going to return, not today. enjoy, enjoy, 56 degrees at bwi. look at thh dew points, and remember
to spy cells ii the u.s. this van is hours after a judge in cypress freed him onnbail tuesdayy on wednesday, he failed to show up for a required meeting with police. his attorney claims he has not heard from him. >> after the court (inaudible). >> this office wasssupposed to have a meeting with him yesterday afternoon. he did not show up. so we don't have any connact with him. >> cops are now checking surveillance from crossingú points. the break away north of the island. and searching airports and marinas and posting the phhto in efforts of finding him. >> actually, we don't haveeaa indication that he abandoned the island. ww are still in the process to identify if he remains, or left from cypress territory. but to be honest, we're in the process, especially we focus our efforts, mainly to the points and the points o occupied area. >> investigators in the u.s. are making headway in theecase. discoveeing $10,000 in new $100 bills in new jersey safety deposit box belonging tootwo of the suspects..3 russian authorities claim they have no details on tte case, but saa the gooer
phone and her purse were takennafter she was struck. dandrige remains in the hospital this evening. >> u.s. marine set to return to afghanistan is gunnedddown inside of a baltimore city nightclub. myranda stephens is live downtown with why a night of celebration, turned into tragedy. hello myranda stephens? >> hi kaaen. here outside of the queenns hookah bar near theearea commonly known as the block. it remains closed tonight, afte3 a early morning shooting, left a u.s. marine dead. police say 26-year-old ccase love of new orleans was inside of the after hours lounge with fellow marines, celebrating their redeployment too3 but around 3:15 this morning, police say love got in a fight and was shot in the chest. >> we need people to get outraged. this is a war veteran. someone reeurning to afghanistan for a second tour of duty to serve the country. aad gunned down for no gooo reason at all. >> it is so sad. he had to die here. %-and he dies.ave good time. >> now, police arr talking to witnesses, but so far, have not ú%med any suspects, or a clear motive. we're live in downtown baltimore my
to be devalued. and you're talking about a double-dip recession in the u.s.? absolutely, and in europe, for that matter. where you are looking at a situation of the first wave deflationary hitting the market, as opposed to inflation. from there, you have the amount of liquidity or another stimulus, or multiple stimulus rounds that will have to come into the market. at that point, you'll see the market move back onto a longer turn up trend. we actually would of been better off with sustainability if we had pulled all the way back to the 200 day this particular wave. and we might still, but i tend to think that you're going to see this market just grind higher. will make new highs before the end of this year, go into probably the 1380-1440 range as the next target for next year. ok, a market that simply grind higher, that is so difficult to trade. so what is your strategy, short- term and long term? short term, if you're not in gold, as get some. get some percentage of your assets into gold. then look for either very auspicious new highs to go with, or for the ultimate break that everybo
the mortgage mess that u.s. banks face, right? it is, on two counts, beejal. first is that sovereign debt isn't suppose i have a credit component. there isn't supposed be fear that a country can't pay you back. especially a country that belongs to the e u. that supposed to be one sovereign giant unit. so that is in the question. and the second part is the numbers are so big. the e c b loaned out 400 billion in one-year term lending. so the numbers are huge, and both counts are different than the mortgage market. yeah, and the european central bank continues offering more liquidity to those banks. but doesn't that just delay the inevitable? because these banks are going to have to take a hit on their sovereign debt sooner or later. they are just on life support right now, it seems. right, and they have done the right things. you have to give the central banks here in the states and in europe the credit for solving a liquidity crisis. but the credit markets seized up and provided liquidity. they pumped the system full of money. and the liquidity problem is solved. what we have now is a solvency
everyone. it's monday july 26th, 2010. and president obama urges the u.s. senate to finish work on a small business jobs plan. in the meantime, coming up we're going to speak with an author who has several solutions on how to boost job creation, angie. good morning to you and also we're going to be talking about gas prices which are not that crazy this summer. people are not driving as much, so that is definitely helping out. plus, we're going to take a look at a story that never gets old, the running of the brides. stick around for that everybody. thanks angie. and will investors really believe the results of the euro zone bank stress tests? we're going to have 2 market pros weighing in on that question coming up. and let's head over to the cme group and join lincoln ellis of the linn group. lincoln we've got some housing data out in the new week. how do you think that's going to affect the markets? people will continue to watch housing as its construction components are such a big piece of this unemployment picture. until we get health back in the housing market, markets will key volatil
anywhere else. all of the local games around have been playinn witt u.s. teams. this is the first game that as two internationally teams. >> reporter: intermilan one of the teams and you can get that special stuff on friday as well. they are thinking, maybe,ú patrice, that people thought that the game was sold out ike last time. not the case youucan still get tickets. >> hopefully this wwll be a none issue by the next weekend. people will realize that and the whole place will be filled. >> reporter: $115 and $130 up there. they're gging to turn this field into a grass field, not something you will see heee very %-and football season starts. >> still trying to get a little soocer in before we get to football. joel, thank you. >> reporter: good. >>> coming up from unproven medicine to tasting metal.3 >> i remember my parents having a problem before the ransslant was still considered spiri experimental. >> how a transplant recipient is making the mont most of a second >>> we do have know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer the challenge jobs.
in the next year. wow, those are pretty high expectations, angie. and coming up this week, the u.s. senate could take a vote on the issue of extending unemployment benefits. and by now, almost 2.5 million americans have been cut off from the rolls since early june. so we can expect a very heated debate this week in the senate. and first let's get a checkup on the trading floor over there at the cme group. michael seery of olympusfutures.com is there. and boy, the markets just fell apart last friday. we had high hopes about earnings and it all just kind of unraveled. what's going on? well the problem is last week we have five or six straight up days and some big up days after the big decline in the week prior. i think we're just getting back to reality. you have to be a seller of stocks in my opinion. there's just not any growth in any country, including the united states. unemployment is going to be at 10%. it could be at 10% for several more years. the housing market has nothing going for it. i don't understand why people would be buying stocks, i am just very negative the whole stock mar
for themselves, with no upfronnú >>the navy is making plans to move the u.s. ns comfort too3 virginia..3 large navv medical ship docks in baltimore currently. navy spent $5 milllon to upgrade the comforrs's pier in the harbor to stay thereeanother 20 -ears. but billons of dollars have been >> new test results show students in baltimore city public schools are making some progress. the maryland state assessment exam showed twice as mmny students are meeting and exceeding expectattons compared 72 percent of students are proficienn in reading on par with last year. and 66 percent were proficient in math up from last year. >> the liieup for virgin mobile dc concert booked. ccncert is set for septeeber 25. at mary weatter post pavilion, in columbia. tickees bought online or by phooe on saturday..3 >> wireless broadband etwork set to launch next year offering more options in the serviie. light squurrd. and will start in the second half of 2011 in las vegas, phoeeix, denver, and baltimore. company aims to cover 92 percent of tte population by 2015. >> first lady michele ooaaa in -he city of baltimor
in the race for u.s. senate in marylaad shows it isn't shappng up to be close at ú%l. %-time incumbent democratic long senator barbara mikuuski leads her challenger 58 to 33%. 2% prefer on candidates and 7% say they're undeccded. he is one of the republicans trying to win the nomination for the u.s. senatt. >>> governor martino o'malley leads robert ehrlich 45 to 42%. with the margin of error of morú than 2% they areeessentiilly tted. in a reeent raamussen poll there's a bit of a different story. that poll shows ehrlich leading o'malley bb 1 percentage poont. p>> stay with us for the latest on the election year. go to foxbaltimore.com and click on the 2010 vote in the news features section. >>> that s how developers are look at plans for a new resident park neer harbor east. it woull be built on a acre parcel. and familiis came to the idea -ecause neighborhoods esseciall3 in the downtown aaeaaare densely built with no arge backyards so this could give almost a subyou suburban family ark field for the families wwo live there. >> the park is going to feature a lot ffopen space and a
people over here. >> reporter: he knows what it's like to be u.s. illegalll. he was deported once before-after facing drug and drunk driving charres. >> i want to do things right this time. i on't want to get in ttouble again. reenter a country divided on the issue of illegal immigration. living and workkng in the country without documentation is breaaing the laa, buttthe u.s. labor secretary recently releasee this public serrice announcement encouraging illegals to report employers who are paying low wages. >> rememmer, everr worker in america has he right to be paid ffirly, whether documented or not. >> number one she should be fired immediately and someone should ask president obama why commerrial. >> reporter: the debate over illegals heated uppwhen arizona passed an antiillegals laws ú%ving police the right to check a person's immigration ssatus. >> we cannot ssand ideally by s drug houses, and kidnapping and drugs coopromise our wwy of life. >> reporter: the legislation is similar to federal law but president obama is considering filing a lawsuit to stop the ssate from enforc
of both u.s. ú%ek in afghhnistan were found. the associated press reports afghan police spotted one petty officer's body still clothed in thh other sailor wassfound on sunday. the pair were first reported missing friday. the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> tonight rumorr are spreading that haitian born musician john is consideringgrunning for president of haiti. locals in haiti and canadian newspaper report said he is preparing paperwork for a bid in ú%h november election. musician and producer grew up in the state of new jersey and founder of the yellow haiti charity why cliff has not confirmed or denied the reports. >> would you run for president >> if i was president -- >> would you partly sunny. >> you know they have asked you before. >> they have asked me ooer again. currentty, at this minute. no. >> haitian politics is quitee3 strange..3 if -- he is popular and things go well as far as the elections are concerned, the chances are, yes, he could win. >> a spokesman for the musician said that there will likely be an announcemmnt this time monday. if he won that job. >> without
into jail or anyone lacking a valid u.s. id. under the new law, the immigration status of anyone who is arrested must be determined before they are released. what the back to school season means for retailers and investors. but first, tim mulholland of china america tells us whether the stock market needs a dose of reality. that's coming up next. @@@@ and let's take another look at headlines this week with tim mulholland of china america capital. tim, let's talk gdp growth. on friday, we're expecting a second quarter forecast of 2 1/2 for an annual growth rate. and depending on if we hit or miss that number, how do you see that impacting the markets? well i think what's gonna happen is these estimates and numbers have been coming out lower, then we were revised lower for quarter 1 gdp. the same thing will probably happen for quarter 2. but going forward what we will be looking at is the employment picture of the u.s.. the fact that inventories have been restocked and there's a debate right now whether these inventories now are going to be able to do anything more in the second half.
, most well knownn returns tt russia and unlikely to ever step food foot on u.s. soil again. >> under the agreement hat she signed, she ccn only come back to the u.s. after direct authorrzation by the u.s. government. it is highly uulikely they ould %->> most high profile prisoner released is ttis man. nuclear scieetist convicted of spyinging in jail since 1999 and mmintaineddhis innocense until %->> he fflt he hhd no choice bt to sign an official document where he actually admitted hhs guilty. and that was in exchange for his freedom. >> we don't kkow where he is and it is unclear if mos cow received sensitive information from the embedded spice. but one thing is clear, both governments wanted a quick resolution to the situation in order not to disrupt improving ties betteen the two countries. in new york, david lee miller, foo news. >> one of the spice turned over by russsa may be going to cockeys vil. top kgbblived here with his family until the arrest in 0013 he was convicttd of spying for thh u.s. during a secret trial in russia sentenced to 18 years in prison. %-his son still
on now. some say that u.s. treasury securities remain the best safe haven play it better than gold in fact. what do you think about that? well, it is to a degree. we're still the largest economy in the world. we're still the reserve currency of the world. i don't think you're going to say to me any longer the eurocurrency is a world reserve currency. you might, but i don't think you're right. so, the dollar is getting the benefit of all that. and we go out into the marketplace and have 2% interest rates, 1% interest rates. and the idea there is that you put your money with this because you know you're going to get your currency back. you cannot say that about other places. and that's the reason for that statement. ok, but on the other hand, why would anyone want to and that's in the u.s. government over the long term? we're talking 10 and 30 year government bonds, considering the state of our fiscal affairs. you know, you ask me that same question three months ago. and i said i didn't know then. i don't know now. i'm not advising people to run out and buy bonds then, i'm not advisi
. >> the things regular citizens border.ú%they patrol the u.s. it is the topic of the cover story tonight. ffom a mobble home. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. why the owners of the homee thought they were helping the animals.3 >> quite frankly,,we have the furlough issue ttat literally is ú%nging ovvr our heads right now. >> some folks in the baltimore city fire department will be getting a $10,000 pay raise. -ow it is justtfied in thess tough conomic times, next, on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and ooking at hoo ú%mperatures out thereearound baatimore today. lower 90s. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. >> doctors sayyit is amaaing that a newborn baby thrown from a sec storyywindow and left for dead survive
a matter of contention between the u.s. civil rights commission and then, of course, you have the argument over whether or not the bush administration politicized justice with the firing of the u.s. attorneys that past week, the obama administration made a decision not to go forward in terms of prosecuting anybody in that case. then you have immigration which is a big racial issue and racial hot button in this country right now. >> chris: that is one they pushed. >> both sides are playing that issue to stay their base as we approach the fall election. and then the naed acp and the tea party. the tea party holding up signs, aggressively condemning president obama without much sensitivity and at times crossing the line and then the naacp calling them out and saying they have to renounce racist elements in their mix and then andrew brightbart saying here is evidence of the naacp to show that the naacp has racists in its ranks. what you have is everybody playing the race card for their own -- i mean including the agriculture department which has this huge suit against it by black farmers. ever
and u.s. treasury securities to remain strong or taper off? i think they're going to continue to remain strong. i think that there's really no other place to put your money or park your money right now. the rest of the economies in the world aren't as good as the united states actually. i just think that's the place people have chosen to park their money right now. and i think they feel that's the safest place for it. one thing that i will say, if the stock market starts to perform, and it looks like is going to make a bottom. you could see some of this flight to quality money come out and roll into the stock market. but they need a confirmation this week. especially with corporate earnings that the market has made a bottom. and if you do, then i could see maybe the treasuries coming off a little bit with money rolling into the stock market. ok, thanks so much. that's definitely an important trade to watch. ron pankau, independent trader at the cme group. the sec is getting closer to proposing new rules that could prevent another flash crash situation in the market. may 6th, the dow fel
to come. and today, the u.s. senate could take a controversial vote on extending the unemployment benefits, or at the very least they could start debating that issue. and there's new numbers from the economic policy institute saying that the expansion of benefits since 2007 actually supported 1.7 million full-time jobs and raise gdp by almost $245 billion or a 1.7% boost. i phone 4 users will have to wait until the end of the week to pick up the cases apple is giving out to solve the phone's antenna problem. the free cases are the latest solution ceo steve jobs is offering to apple fans disappointed in the new phone. but will it be enough to keep the shine on apple? here's a slice of what we are hearing from apple customers regarding the i-phone 4 and the latest fix. "they probably should have just given out the cases in the beginning when they got the complaints. because i heard they were told not to give out cases and now they have to turn around and give them out so. they should have given them in the first place." "it should be recalled." this apple customer already has a case for her
of the day.3 is u.s. intelligence system -lawed. so far 88 percent say affirmative. 12 percenn sayyno. michael writes on our website tonight. there are too many security empires aad more being built every year. which exists with little3 oversiiht. but a huge taxpayer expense.3 >> just go to foxbaltimore.com and tell us what you think. you can sound off through facebook..3 send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and your response may air on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> a new poll of the tea paaty movement suggests hat great divide between the elite inside of the dc beltway and the rest u.s. >> michaee buczyner joins usú with theenew numbers and what it all means. mmchael? >> accorring to the poll released by pooitical news website political. dc elites overwhelmingly believe the tea party is a fad. but elsewhere that's not necessarilyythe case. >> the evolving tea party movement is picking up teaa. %-just released y political.co. buttwhat the poll ound is that %-washington and the rest of the country. >> i think elittst
the president of the u.s. mr. obama called shirley sherrod toddy after ffrced out of her job at thh usda. -e have more on what was said. >> the wwite house working to smooth over the shirley sharrod situation. -ffer three failed attempts, the former government wooker at usda over the phone. calling from his private office inside of the west wing, aides say mr. obama spoke to shirley sharrod for seven minutes shortly after nnon today. white house press secretary gibbs said the president week's events and shirley sharrod accepted. >> ttis was a woman with a unique set of experiences, both before this incident aad now. he thought she was very gracious. >> shirley sharrod ssying she was pleased with the phone conveesation and callld it a quote good conversation. but the follow-up continues. has bainnard calling the episooe unnmerican? >>well, the whole thhng is unfortunate. i think, this lady has been put through hell and back. this is not the wayyto treat the >> earlier this week, shirley sharrod was forced to resign from her job avid yao surfaced of her making what appeared to be racist commen
recession here in the u-s, our next guest says we are not going to see that. it was more surreal than anything. you're under fire. you're getting blown up. there's definitely adrenaline. there was the explosion, and i remember just opening my eyes, and it got both of my legs. i had surgery after surgery, you know, i was on a lot of pain medicine. "what's going to happen next? and how long am i going to be here?" the wounded warrior project dropped off a backpack for me. and it had everything in there that i could possibly have needed at that time. peer visitors, people who have been where i had been before, said, "look, brother, "everything's going to be okay. "three months from now, or four months "from now, a year from now, you'll be fine." that type of thing was an invaluable service. to be honest, i don't know if i would be as well adjusted as i am now if it wasn't for them. to learn more, call... or visit woundedwarriorproject.org. earnings are right around the corner. starting next monday companies begin reporting 2nd quarter results. meanwhile, investors are very cautious about
in afghanistan. %-eight u.s. soldiersswere killd in attacks in outhern thattbrings the total ffrrthis -ast month, was tte deadllest angeles showered firefighters in mullton titanium last night. metal makessfighting thh fire more ifficult. water ncreases the flames, in ú%e titanium fire. it ttok 220 irrfighters to bring it under contrrl. two firefighters suffered just minor injuries. >> controversial sex eeuuation -rogram up for discussion in helena montana. if pprooed kids would be taught sex education as early as kknddrgarten. -he plan also includes teaching 1st graders that people can be attracted to members of the same sex. by age 10 it calls for teachingú intercourse. parents are speaking out both for and against theeidea.3 >> i agree with the curriculum in its entirety. -ealth education should aadress the wholeechild, not segregated by body parts. >> to teach this kind of material to young ccildren ii beyond anything a godly askee myself what kind of ae. teacher coull possibly speak in such terminology? >> heallh department of the urriculum is decreass risky behavior, poiiting out th
year the senator went into foreclosure, ccty later bought the property and now buzz k u.s.a. k opeeator of the charles theater will take over. %-releaseed his statement about the cquisition, calling it throughout the collision, fough3 -nd deceit. at the senator as we have known for the ommunity and surrounding businesses, the %->> longer the light is,,on the woose the public perception ii goinggto be, thaa the senator is nowwclosed and dark. and withhno definiie time for reopening. >> the last howing oo "star wars" just ended. just a few minutessago. there are still people inside mingling around. talking with the owner. and buying pieces of memorabiiia. meantime we spoke with the new mannger, buzzzk u.s.a. k and he said as soon asshh gets in, makes an assess him. and makes needed repairs he said the doors will reopen. live here in north baltimore, karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> we have breaking news out of west baltimore. police officer rushed shough to shock trauma after be accident. prrtt and mason. 8::0 this evening. car and police cruuieercollided. the person nside of th
. >> this man knows what it is like to be in thh u.s. illegally. he was deported once before. after ffcing drug and drunk driving charges. >> want to do things right this time.ú%i don't want to get. >> he will reenter a country divided on thh issue of illegal immigration. living and working in the country without documentation, is breaking the law. but the u.s. labor secretary recently released this public service announcement, encouraging illegals to report employers, who are paying low wages. >> rememberr very worker in america has right to be paid fairly. %->> well number one, she should be fired immediatelyy and someone should ask president obama why taxpayers should be paying for a commercial that %romotes violating the federall3 >> the debate over illegals really heated up when arizona passed an anti-illegaa laa. giving police the right to check a person'ssimmigration status. >> we cannot stand dly by as drop houses, kidnappings, and violence ccmpromise oor quality of life. -> the legislation is similar to federal law. but president obama is considering filing a lawsuit, to stop the
that he couud live for another decade. >>> a swap deal between the u.s. and russia has been approved. the 10 spies who plead guilty will be rrleased in exchang. the swaa is expected to be carried out quickly..3 nicole collins joins us live from washington with a breakdown of this deal, good morning, >> reporter: quickly we learned that the swap has taken in place aafew hours ago at a tarmac in austrra. the 10 agents arrested in the u.s. are now on their way back to russia. they left new york will he le ga airport and they're being swapped for four russian prisoners accused of spying ffr the u.s. president signed a decree pardoning those who were held in his country. >>the last time ww ad something of this sccle was 1994 or 1985 where theyyhad a something like around 10 people going one way, five people going the other. that doesn't happen very often. >> reporter: in a manhattan were charged ith failinggto register as foreign aaents. the u.s. attorney geneeal said non-passed classified -nformation so they werr not3 charge with espionage. whileethey may not have pleaded guilty to b
trading, has his eyes on u.s. manufacturing which has been on the rebound. due in part to government programs such as "cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, and breaks for home buyers. from the floor of the chicago board options, barer holds the view that the markets are not sure what will happen next. and they will take direction from earnings rolling out over the next few weeks. especially from big dow components such as microsoft. "what they say about pc demand that there is going to be a good indicator for the economy. people holding off on purchases cisco and intel that should be a good signal for the broader economy." traders and analysts watch what profits, but more importantly listen to what company officials have to say. monday night alcoa reported a profit, but key to the markets and the economy alcoa officials noted a rising demand for aluminum worldwide. bp says things are moving smoothly in its latest attempt to place a new, larger containment cap over the leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. and the news caused an 8% jump in bp shares, which closed just under 37 do
? it is quite simply gold will go up because if you think about the u.s. dollar, it's a huge rally. and the dollar i think it will weaken. when the dollar weakens, you'll see a reaction in gold opposite way, which is up. and considering since i've been buying gold since 2003, every time i check the prices, even though it's over extended, it's still making me money by doing that strategy. until that quits working, i think it's going to go up. ok, what the last thing time you were on our show, your previous stock picks were ford and pepsi. do you see like those? still love both those stocks. if you look at ford, it just made a new four week high, pepsi is staying right strong. and i have an additional stock that is interesting. what is it? c b o e. it just went public. it went public, and if you look at the stock, look at what's going on with it, i think you feeling the natural turnover of the right now, it looks little negative if you look at it on the chart pattern. but i think the stock has a lot of potential, we will see the growth of option entry reflected in the price of that s
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heatwaae struck partssof u.s. came even more dangeeouslyywarm >> reporter: the eastern seaboard dealing with another the 90s and factoo in the -umidity and it's plain miserable. they're not just sseating in the south but dealing wiih summer storms. floods killing two inn3 miisissippi. and heat advisories for parts of woke oklahoma when hundreds of >> 90 degrees and sstting on the tile floors and drinking lots of -luids.ú >> reporter: oklahoma neighbors feeling he sting of a summer scorcher. people in dallas discovering that the swimming pool is the outdooos. >> i'm aalifeguard and working in the heat gets pretty tough but we get to jump in the pool and cool off. >> reporter: the mercury rising to 111 deegh 110 degrees3 phoenix, arizonn. it as so hot that a man got burned when he was on the >> his handd were burring so he was doing and is knees were burning. >> reporter: southern californiaais getting a break from thh first heatwave of the year but crews are concerned about the weather creating conditions for wildfires. fox news. >>> the recently capped oil well in theegulf of mex
than 17,0003 applled to be members of the naval academy class of 2014. ttat's a record for the u.s. naval academy. and the day begins in just about an houu. patrice, i know you have a little bbt of experience with. what arr you looking forward toú tooay?ú >> it's an emotional day, my ú%ster ann her future husband went to the naval academy. i was in tears, and because she is about to go througg a whole lott -t was an emotionallday, bbt it was a good day..3 >> reporter: we will staat innerviewing them as they start coming in. thhy will get emotional responses from everybody p> absolutely. they're sometimes more emotional than he pleads. i can't wait to check in with you, joel again. >>> the nation's longest serving senntor will lie in repose in the place hh became familiar with over his 51 year 10 yo 10 . senator byrd died monday..3 >>> capitol hillllawmakees gathered yesterday for their first hearing on mix ups reported at arlington cemetery. members of congress grilled the top leaders abouu this situation. they found a decade old pattern of proolems, including graves with monn
>>> good morning, you're taking a liie ook at u.s. 50 along see a lot more traffic laterld thhs morning as many beach goers that are out for the holiday hopefully you had a nice wwekend the not too crowded.! wonderfulf >>> gooo morniig, i'm megaa gilliland. if you're headed outsiie orr3 grilling foo another day, we're going to see hot, hot temperatures. -eteorolooist tony pagnotti will be here with the deeails. we will see how hot and we're talking about triple digits. >>> yes, triple diiits and good goalie? we haae no relief. we can't evvn uy a breeze. we have to sweat through it. >> people at home re enjoying >> one more day and when you go back to business tomorrow, wee3 will pick up. >> we have headlines and they aae hot, hot and hotter. more triple digits. ourrnormal high should be surpass that in blazing fashion. right now 77 degrees at the inner harbor, dew point is up in -he 50s already. %-uncomfortable daas.of those ú%spots, and 74, and win chester in west virginia,,70. we wish e could bring rain n here to cool ussoff and get green on gardens and lawns. we will ttp
in today's business brief. >>> u.s. markets were ccosed on independence day but overseas market closed mostly lower as investors cootinue to worry over it could be another black yed -or toyota. the aatomaaer recalls 90,000 vehicles in japan due to a problem that could stall the car while its mmving.ú ú%d the recall included lexus and like models and recalls oversees to follow. >>> bb says it has paid out nearly half of 90,000 claims submmtted against it. the comppny could be ripe toofor take over as the bp stock traded $29 a share less than half of what it was when the rig accident occurred in april. >>> coming up an insanity plea in thh trial of a womaa accused of killing her exhusband, why one expert does not believe she -as psychotic. >> reporter: i'm jjel d smith at one the cooliig
the main problem in the u.s. is the place of arms. >> don't have one. i have four kids. i would never haae aagun in my house. %-aaweapon in aaerica thhn it is at home.úsome people get desperd peeple have to eat. >> we want a clean environment. p> if everybody did a little difference. >> i recycle. that is my hybrid. >> i thinn the biggest problem3 is a matter of is whether we are producing tto much carbon dioxide. if i could save the world, i would quit throwing stuff out and start making stufffout of %--ans, oil products in connectn with cars. >> my dream for the world is to -ind a cure forrbreast cancer. ú% i would like to see the world become a cleaner place. >> they donnt belong over there. away from iraq with our hands down and our backs turned. but it's how do you get there?33 >> we're all differeet and i thing. [ laughter ]ly weird talking to >> i just love living inn3 america. >> reflect. >> reflect on america. >> reflect on amerrca. -p>> later on fox 45 morning ne, ú%chael steele under fire over comments he mmde bout the war why democratic strategist are to lose his job.
for the u.s. cyber command. look closely at the innee gold ring. below the words, those letters and numbers are a code. it stands for something. we donnt wann like to decode it or find out what t is, go to our website. >>> police agencies in arizona officers on how to enforce it. the state has produced a 90-minuue video, which teaches officers how to avoid impression of racial profiling. >> the importance of training you're about to receive, cannot be overstated. the entire country is watch to see how arizona and arizona law enforcement responds. treat 31 others the way you wish to be treated. act and relate to them as you would expect an officer to relate to you. >> now opponents of the new law say the pottntial or raciil withhor without the video. >>> there's at least one ddctor left in new yorr says who still >>> ttred of (unintelligible). >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00, put some power behind yoor next cleaning session. we put the water jet to the "deal or ud" test. >>> cancer reattent can be veryydifficult and draining. 1 right after the break, he new [ male a
appen every year ii the u.s. farmers will now be required -úto do more test for salmonella -úúnn largeescale farmers will also have to keep eggs refrig transportation.ooagg and >>>. >> audio tape belieeed to be >> i'm not thh one too% threaten. ⌞> i'm threattning.i'll put you in a bleep. bleep. %úwas first released by the web gibson struck her innthe face. kimmis locked in a bitter custody dispute over their angeles sheriff's office has úlunched an investigation. a gibson spokesman declined to comment oo the tape. >> the dr. nooton is removed from the actiin movie ecauue they say he's not talentedd% enough. norton of course was raiied in columbia, maryland before e made ii big in holllwood. this is video of norton at the premier f the haak when he played in the film but won't reprieve the an actor that embooy the creativity and collaborative sprt of other talented cast members. ortonnrep say the decision was ll about money. >>> yes baby. whoa. >> screams and tters of joy from one very lucky woman in maryland. how shh won 1 million dollar lottery prize. still head. >> [ male
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